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Believe And Achieve: To Be The Best That We Can Be

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The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Believe And Achieve: To Be The Best That We Can Be



Welcome to the Puffins!

Autumn Term 2023 


This term our theme is Our Incredible Earth and we will be asking and answering the question "why is Colombia so biodiverse?"


We will be exploring biomes around the world, learning how and why differ as well as looking in depth at the rainforest and its inhabitants who have adapted to survive there. We will also be learning about Hinduism, as well as the beautiful artwork of Kendra Haste. And now that we are in Key Stage 2, we will be learning a new language- French! In Computing we will learn about keeping safe online and in our Science lessons will discover the functions of living plants and what part they play in their life cycle.   




Some of the key questions are:


  • How is a biome made?
  • What threats are biomes facing?
  • How can we protect them?



The children have two PE/Sport sessions each week. Our PE lesson is all about 'fundamentals' on Friday. On Mondays our sport session is 'dance'  during which children will perform dances using a range of movements and techniques including dancing in canon, unison and as part of a theme.

Please make sure your child's PE kit is in school all week.



Reading : Children should read daily at home. Please log the pages read and add a comment. The children are now expected to change their own books, making their own choices about which book they want to read by looking at the front cover and reading the blurb.



If you are unsure about anything, please do get in touch either by class dojo or email.



Autumn Term 2023 Our Incredible Earth Curriculum Letter

Autumn Term 2023 Our Incredible Earth Knowledge Organiser

Using Querns- As we are currently learning how Paleolithic Hunter Gatherers changed into Neolithic Farmers we explored one of the tools that they used- the quern. The children chose their own rubbing stone and experimented with different techniques to grind cornflakes as the farmers would have ground wheat into flour

Flint Knapping- The Falcons learnt how Stone Age people would make their spear heads out of flint in a process called knapping, so we did the same with soap!

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