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Believe And Achieve: To Be The Best That We Can Be

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The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Believe And Achieve: To Be The Best That We Can Be

Physical Education


Physical Education is concerned with the promotion of positive attitudes towards physical activity and well-being. At Claypole Primary children are helped to acquire the skills needed to participate with confidence and enjoyment in a range of individual team activities at school and in the wider community, and to appreciate the place of regular exercise as a way of keeping fit.


We believe that physical education plays a vital contribution to pupils’ physical literacy and wellbeing. We teach an engaging, high-quality P.E. curriculum that inspires all pupils to enable rapid and sustained progression in a stimulating, enjoyable and appropriately challenging environment. This teaches children the required skills, allowing them to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations growing in confidence as they progress. All of this is experienced in a safe and supportive environment.

It is our intention that pupils become more expert as they progress through the curriculum, accumulating and connecting declarative and procedural knowledge...

  • Declarative knowledge– Knowing what – The factual knowledge concerning movement, rules, tactics, strategies, health and participation.
  • Procedural knowledge– Knowing how -  The know-how to apply declarative facts. This knowledge in a PE setting is best put into practice through physical demonstration or physical participation.


All children take part in a minimum of two hours of high quality PE and sporting activities each week provided by staff and sports coaches through inspire+ ( )


A well-balanced programme of sporting activities is provided for the children that includes opportunities for expressive and creative movement through dance, as well as gymnastics, swimming, athletics, games and outdoor and adventurous pursuits.


Our curriculum provision has three main pillars:

  • motor competence and the acquisition of fundamental movement skills,
  • understanding of rules, strategies and tactics, and
  • healthy participation.


We teach a varied and balanced provision carefully structured and sequenced through the GETSET4PE scheme (which is also adopted by inspire+ coaches). This provides our staff (our external coaches) with detailed planning, skill-based guidance, and sport-appropriate knowledge, aiding high quality teaching, with consistency in its progression. Each year, children have the chance to develop their skills in gymnastics, dance, swimming and their core games skills. They are also exposed to age-appropriate vocabulary which relates to their learning in PE as well as in other physical activity and sport.


'GETSET4PE'. It focuses on the fundamental movement skills (as well as developing children's upper-core) and child's physical development:

* Agility

* Balance

* Coordination


Each term there is a multi-ability focus too:

* Personal

* Social

* Cognitive

* Creative

* Physical

* Health and Fitness


Learning through co-operative and competitive activities helps to promote an understanding of inter-personal relationships.


In Early Years, a strong foundation of fundamental motor skills is developed, through PE lessons and play in our recently enhanced outdoor areas. In Key Stage 1, lessons focus on developing physical literacy and motor competence with core skills such as throwing, catching, movement, striking and agility. Learning opportunities include play-based activities, personal challenge and small group games.


In Key Stage 2, children utilise these core skills and knowledge in a variety of disciplines: athletics, gymnastics, dance and games (invasion, striking and fielding, and net/wall). Learning opportunities include personal challenge, team-based games and peer-evaluation. Previous learning is revisited and built upon so children can re-encounter knowledge and develop it within a context. Understanding of rules, strategies and tactics are given particular focus here, as children learn and develop sport-specific understanding. Through this knowledge and understanding children learn to move intelligently and successfully, appropriate for the context. Children in Key Stage 2 also go swimming with an expectation that 25m is achieved by the end of Year 6.


To provide support and challenge in children’s learning in PE we use the STEP principle.  By altering Space, Task, Equipment or People all children are given the opportunity to develop their skills from their starting point. Skilled teaching, including instruction, practice and feedback, along with peer support, can help children who are below age-related expectation, as well as challenge and stretch children who are working at greater depth. We ensure that all pupils feel included and are able to succeed within the subject.


Our wide variety of after-school clubs give all children opportunities for specialised, extra-curricular learning. These after school opportunities provide opportunities to build, develop and refine knowledge learned in curriculum PE lessons.


Healthy participation is hugely important at Claypole, and children are taught that physical activity matters. We have a range of competitions & festivals (in school and against other schools). We teach our children the important knowledge linking health, participation and physical activity.


Enhanced engagement and enjoyment is provided with the chance to represent the school at external sporting competitions.  Further physical education and healthy living enrichment is added through our strong links with outside professionals (inc. Olympians and Professional Athletes). 


All pupils in Year 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to take part in a week’s residential visit at an Activity Centre. A range of outdoor and adventurous pursuits are offered including abseiling, climbing, kayaking, orienteering and archery. We value these opportunities for our pupils to participate in physically challenging land and water-based activities, believing they can make an important contribution to children’s personal and social development.


Children will leave Claypole Church of England Primary School as skilful and intelligent performers who have acquired and developed knowledge and skills to perform with increasing physical awareness. They will:

  • have the ability to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas to suit activities that need different approaches and ways of thinking;
  • set targets for themselves and compete against others;
  • understand what it takes to persevere, succeed and acknowledge others’ success;
  • take the initiative, lead activities and focus on improving performances;
  • have the competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities;
  • lead healthy and active lives and make positive life choices;
  • have developed positive attitudes to participation in physical activity and embed values such as fairness and respect.

Moki Bands

We have ‘Moki Fitness Trackers’ for children in Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6. These bands have no readout displays. Each band holds 7 days’ worth of data: recording the number of steps & MVPA [Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity only] and each class have a ‘dock.’ The band is tapped onto the dock & the information is read & recorded confidentially for the teachers to be able to track, analyse & address levels of fitness and activity. Classes are be able to set challenges for individuals & create team events too - a great inclusive & cooperative approach. Most recently, classes have raced around the world using collective distances with their journey charted on a map in school.

Our Legacy Challenge has begun!

The children have received their very own log books with challenges inside to complete. The Sports Ambassadors can't wait to see some of these completed log books and award some certificates as recognition of the children's hard work. We may even have some 'Challenge Champions' who complete all of the tasks for each of the challenges; the best ones will be entered into a prize draw (with other schools from the local area) and the winning entries will receive an additional visit from one of the Inspire+ exciting! 

Legacy Challenge Guide For Parents

Sports Clubs


Click on the link below to find a list of clubs in our area...

Football Success: Regional Finalists

Winners & County Finalists: Cricket

Tag Rugby: District Winners

Runners-Up: Football Tournament

Hockey Tournament

Cross Country Success: 4th overall


Professional Athletes

Inspirational, motivational speakers

Playground Leaders

Maypole & County Dancing

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