The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Strive for Excellence, Promote Harmony and Value Achievement

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The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Strive for Excellence, Promote Harmony and Value Achievement


PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) & RSE (Relationship & Sex Education)

It is important for our children to have the knowledge and skills to make healthy, positive relationships and solve problems.


The components of our PHSE/RSE curriculum are:






Financial Wellbeing

Personal Skills

Citizenship : society (democracy, community groups, diversity)


We aim to give all children a wide and strong understanding of these areas and how it impacts on the world around them and their place within it; the choices and decisions they make and what those choices and decisions are based on. Through enquiring the right knowledge & skills, they will be equipped and empowered to think about themselves and others and how it affects day to day life. This enables our pupils to make connections and base their own thoughts, responses and beliefs whilst widening their own horizons. 


Our progressive curriculum ensures that all learning builds on prior knowledge & skills in order for our children to consolidate, develop further and make connections not only in PSHE/RSE but in their own decision making, how this impacts on the community where they live and the global implications. 


Through opportunities to discuss, read, reflect and consider their place in the world, they can understand the ‘bigger picture’ and ask questions about it. 


All of this is underpinned by our School Vision and Christian School Values.



R-Time (Relationship Time) is a structured programme that builds and enhances relationships for children from Early Years to the end of Primary School.

Each R time session lasts 15-20(ish) minutes and takes place once a fortnight on a Friday afternoon before the end of the day.


What are the intended outcomes?

  • build respectful relationships and good manners.
  • enable children to develop lifelong social skills.
  • reduces incidents of meanness & prevent bullying. 
  • improves behaviour.
  • raise self-esteem.
  • foster & develop pupil relationships.
  • learn to understand and value differences & things in common; respect the rights of others to have beliefs and values which are different from their own.

R-Time Overview

RSE Curriculum

Presentation for parents/carers about the changes to the RSE (Relationship & Sex Education curriculum).

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your chilld/ren's class teacher. Alternatively, contact our PSHE/RSE Leader Miss Kurvink:

PSHE & RSE Parent Zone

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