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The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Believe And Achieve: To Be The Best That We Can Be





What is Twitter?

Twitter is used primarily as a method of communication made up of 140 characters called a ‘Tweet’. Tweets tend to reference people, places, and/or activities to which the said referee can respond. Tweeters either directly reference another person or broadcast information to which others can reply and respond.


Twitter users are able to follow or be followed. To follow somebody it ensures that all of their activity and comments appear in the followers news feed. The obvious benefit of having followers is that the information you broadcast is instantly distributed into their news feed. Users can also private message each other when they don’t want conversations to appear. @ClaypolePrimary will not enter into private discussions with others.



What is the primary purpose of @ClaypolePrimary?

@ClaypolePrimary will be used principally to be followed by staff, parents and other professionals in order to advertise the excellent work by staff, children, parents and governors. It may contain links to the schools other hosting sites, such as Claypole Church of England Primary School website


Similarly, it will also contain information detailing special events in school. The aim of this is to run alongside more traditional methods like sending home letters, and not to replace it.



Who controls content for @ClaypolePrimary?

The uploading of content for @ClaypolePrimary will be controlled by the Headteacher and/or Senior Leaders. They will be responsible for password protection and uploading of content. When this policy is next reviewed, it is hoped that more staff at Claypole Church of England Primary School will be trained on how to upload their own content to Twitter.



Who can follow @ClaypolePrimary?

At this moment in time, @ClaypolePrimary will not allow followers under the age of 21 and will limit its followers to teaching staff’s professional accounts, Governors, the community and parents of Claypole Church of England Primary School children. It will block followers found to be under the age of 21.


When @ClaypolePrimary receives a follow request it will make informed decisions on a case-by-case basis as to accept or decline. These decisions will be based upon a number of factors:

  • The name of the individual as read on their Twitter account and whether this name correlates to that of a parent on the SIMS database; is a member of the Claypole Church of England Primary School teaching staff; is a school governor; is a known and proper person;

  • The quality of the biography of each individual as read in the bio section of their Twitter account;

  • The images on view in the potential followers Twitter account.


In most cases, one or more of the above will be enough to accept a follow request. In the unlikely event that a parent or other suitable follower is inadvertently rejected, the Headteacher will hear each individual on a case-by-case basis. These hearings will usually involve the prospective follower making themselves known in person to the above named persons, with their Twitter details, and should take no more than a few minutes.



Who will @ClaypolePrimary follow?

In order to protect itself from inappropriate content being distributed into its news feed, @ClaypolePrimary will not actively seek to follow other users.



What is inappropriate content and referencing and how will it be dealt with?

@ClaypolePrimary welcomes any referencing, mentions, or interactions that posit the school in a positive light only. Therefore, Claypole Church of England Primary School deems any of the following as inappropriate:

  • Offensive language or remarks aimed at the school, its staff, parents, governors or others affiliated with the school;

  • Extremist views or radical views or opinions as in line with the prevent duty and new radicalisation policy

  • Unsuitable images or content posted into its feed;

  • Unsuitable images or content finding its way from another’s account into the @ClaypolePrimary feed.

  • Images or text that infringe upon copyright;

  • Comments that aim to undermine the school, its staff, parents, governors or others affiliated with the school.

  • Any inappropriate content will be deleted and its users will be removed, blocked, and, depending on the nature of the comment, reported to Twitter.

  • Furthermore, incidents of a more serious nature may be reported to the appropriate authority.



    Parental Agreement

    At the beginning of each academic year, each parent is asked for their permission to put their children’s image on the school website. These permissions now include Twitter (this is part of the home-school agreement).  Where the parents do not wish their child’s image to appear on the school website or on Twitter, the school will aim to follow these wishes.


Twitter at Claypole Church of England Primary School

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