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The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Strive for Excellence, Promote Harmony and Value Achievement


Welcome to the Wagtails!

  Mrs Lock and Mrs Simpson


Thank you for coming to look at our class page. We hope that it will give you an idea of some of the things that we get up to, as well as lots of other important information for the term ahead. If you want to find out more about what we are learning this term then please take a look at our termly overviews.

Our topic this term is 'Where in the world is China'. Throughout the term, we are going to be learning about this incredible and vast country. We will learn about time zones and look at countries that are so large they have more than one time zone. We will also explore the human and physical features of China, and develop our understanding of tourism and its impact on China's economy. This will also link with our writing as we will use persuasive language and techniques to write a 'Come to China' tourist guide. Our art lessons will see us explore some of the styles and brush techniques that are typical of Chinese art. Art will also feature heavily in our RE this term as we explore the different ways that beliefs and stories from scriptures are communicated through the arts across the world's religions. Of course we also have SATs to prepare for this term- our maths and literacy lessons will help us prepare for the tests which begin on Monday 13th May. So a busy term for us all...but a fun one too. Prepare to explore Y6.



Where in the world is China?

Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen

Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 1 Our first attempt at using chinese brushstrokes.
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 2 Chinese artists learn 'the four gentlemen'.
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 3 These are four plants.
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 4 Each represents a season.
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 5 Bamboo is Summer.
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 6 The orchid is Autumn.
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 7
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 8 Plum blossom is winter.
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 9
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 10
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 11
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 12
Chinese Painting- the four gentlemen 13

Meet the Maya museum

Meet the Maya museum 1
Meet the Maya museum 2
Meet the Maya museum 3
Meet the Maya museum 4
Meet the Maya museum 5
Meet the Maya museum 6
Meet the Maya museum 7
Meet the Maya museum 8
Meet the Maya museum 9
Meet the Maya museum 10
Meet the Maya museum 11
Meet the Maya museum 12

The triangle dance.

Still image for this video
We wrote algorithms for this new dance craze. Once we though we had correctly organised the instructions we had a go. We then had to debug our algorithms to make them accurate. What a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Overview 'Chocolate'

Year Six Chocolatiers!

Year Six Chocolatiers! 1 We have been designing boxes of chocolates.
Year Six Chocolatiers! 2 We have worked hard on our box designs.
Year Six Chocolatiers! 3
Year Six Chocolatiers! 4 This week we made the contents for our boxes....
Year Six Chocolatiers! 5 ...and today was the day....
Year Six Chocolatiers! 6 ...for seeing how they turned out.
Year Six Chocolatiers! 7 We were impressed with the results.
Year Six Chocolatiers! 8 The chocolates looked delicious.
Year Six Chocolatiers! 9 They came out of the moulds easily.
Year Six Chocolatiers! 10
Year Six Chocolatiers! 11
Year Six Chocolatiers! 12
Year Six Chocolatiers! 13 Well for most of us!!!
Year Six Chocolatiers! 14 We got to taste them too. YUMMY!
Year Six Chocolatiers! 15
Year Six Chocolatiers! 16
Year Six Chocolatiers! 17
Year Six Chocolatiers! 18
Year Six Chocolatiers! 19
Year Six Chocolatiers! 20
Year Six Chocolatiers! 21
Year Six Chocolatiers! 22
Year Six Chocolatiers! 23
Year Six Chocolatiers! 24
Year Six Chocolatiers! 25 The whole classroom looked like a chocolate shop!
Year Six Chocolatiers! 26 We loved the end results!
Year Six Chocolatiers! 27
Year Six Chocolatiers! 28
Year Six Chocolatiers! 29
Year Six Chocolatiers! 30
Year Six Chocolatiers! 31
Year Six Chocolatiers! 32
Year Six Chocolatiers! 33
Year Six Chocolatiers! 34
Year Six Chocolatiers! 35
Year Six Chocolatiers! 36

Exploring the Maya

Exploring the Maya 1 The Maya didn't eat chocolate..they drank it!
Exploring the Maya 2 We made hot chocolate..Maya style.
Exploring the Maya 3 The Maya liked their drinks with froth.
Exploring the Maya 4 We loved our spicy mixes.
Exploring the Maya 5 We learned about Maya head dresses.
Exploring the Maya 6 We got creative with feathers...
Exploring the Maya 7 ...and made some wonderful creations.
Exploring the Maya 8 The Maya used corn in their cooking.
Exploring the Maya 9 We made tortillas from corn and chickpea flour.
Exploring the Maya 10 It was messy....
Exploring the Maya 11 ,,,,it was sticky...
Exploring the Maya 12 ...but also very fun!

WW1 Baking-What did you think of our Wartime Fruit Cake?

Testing trebuchets

Parachutes-testing air resistance.

A few reminders

PE is on a Tuesday and a Thursday so children will require full school PE kit on these days, although it is best to keep it in school if possible. Children should be prepared for both indoor and outdoor PE, as this can change depending on the weather. 


Homework Expectations


Maths, Grammar and Punctuation (set weekly, on a Wednesday, to be returned to school by the following Wednesday)

Children will be provided with a maths workbook, as well as a grammar and punctuation book. The children will be shown which activities to do each week. Spellings Children will also be set a spelling objective on a Wednesday, usually based on their work from that week. The children will then be tested on words, using this pattern, the following Wednesday, as well as words from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list and words from previous lessons. The children will usually mark their own homework so they have the opportunity to correct and learn from any mistakes.



Project-based homework will also be set at different points during the year. When completing projects, other homework will be adjusted to allow children adequate time at home to complete these.  Our current project is World Book Day story jars; a chance to be really creative. Have fun!



Your child should be reading regularly at home and this needs to be recorded in their reading diaries. They should also be given the opportunity to read aloud to an adult and there are questions in their reading journals which parents can use to help develop comprehension skills. 


Recommended Books For Year 6 Children

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