The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Strive for Excellence, Promote Harmony and Value Achievement

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The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Strive for Excellence, Promote Harmony and Value Achievement


Welcome to the Wagtails!

 Mrs Silby, Mrs Lock and Mrs Simpson


Thank you for coming to look at our class page. We hope that it will give you an idea of some of the things that we get up to, as well as lots of other important information for the year ahead. If you want to find out more about what we are learning this term then please take a look at our termly overviews.

Our topic this term is 'War'. Throughout the term, we are going to be learning about the civil war, as well as what life was like for those living during WW1. We have an exciting and informative visit planned to the Newark Civil War Centre, as well as learning about famous people, such as Walter Tull, making our own model trebuchets and creating poppy themed artwork. 





Parachutes-testing air resistance.

Parachutes-testing air resistance.  1 We tested factors that affect air resistance.
Parachutes-testing air resistance.  2 Groups had one variable- shape of the parachute.
Parachutes-testing air resistance.  3 ...the material of the parachute...
Parachutes-testing air resistance.  4 ... the size...
Parachutes-testing air resistance.  5 ...and the length of the string.

Making Trebuchets DT

Making Trebuchets DT 1 We are designing and making Trebuchets.
Making Trebuchets DT 2 Some of use have chosen wood.
Making Trebuchets DT 3 This has meant we have had to saw our components.
Making Trebuchets DT 4 Some of us are using layered corrugated card.
Making Trebuchets DT 5 Others have chosen paper, rolled to strengthen it.

A few reminders

PE is on a Tuesday and a Thursday so children will require full school PE kit on these days, although it is best to keep it in school if possible. Children should be prepared for both indoor and outdoor PE, as this can change depending on the weather. 


Homework Expectations


Maths, Grammar and Punctuation (set weekly, on a Thursday, to be returned to school by the following Tuesday)

Children will be provided with a maths workbook, as well as a grammar and punctuation book. The children will be shown which activities to do each week. Spellings Children will be set a spelling objective on a Thursday, usually based on their work from that week. The children will then be tested on words, using this pattern, the following Tuesday, as well as words from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list and words from previous lessons.



Project-based homework will also be set at different points during the year. When completing projects, other homework will be adjusted to allow children adequate time at home to complete these. Watch this space for information about our Claypole Bake Off project!



Your child should be reading regularly at home and this needs to be recorded in their reading diaries. They should also be given the opportunity to read aloud to an adult and there are questions in their reading journals which parents can use to help develop comprehension skills. 


Recommended Books For Year 6 Children

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