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The Claypole Church of England Primary School

Strive for Excellence, Promote Harmony and Value Achievement


Our trip to Creswell Crags. We had a fantastic day learning all about the Stone Age, reconstructing real animal skeletons, enjoying some Stone Age music and even exploring a cave!

Can you become a black belt in reading?


Commencing Monday 8th January in year 4 we will be starting an exciting reading challenge! This challenge is to motivate children to read at home and also to try and read as much as they can. This challenge will run through to the summer term so there is plenty of time for children to aim for the top! Children are encouraged to read a variety of books from school both fiction and non-fiction. Home books can also be recorded in their journals too.


There will be two reading challenges that will run alongside each other:

  1. Amount of times read at home
  2. Amount of pages read at home


Amount of times read at home

This challenge will encourage children to read regularly at home. There will be certificates at different points along this challenge in terms of karate belts:

Red = reading 15 times at home

Yellow = reading 30 times at home

Green = reading 45 times at home

Blue = reading 60 times at home

Black = reading 75 times at home


Amount of pages read at home

This challenge is about children aiming to read books that challenge them and going for books that perhaps have more pages than they would normally go for. Rather than trying to read lots of small books that don’t challenge them in terms of understanding and vocabulary. There will also be certificates given at different points along this challenge on the theme of these initial karate belts:

Red = reading 50 pages

Yellow = reading 100 pages

Green = reading 200 pages

Blue = reading 400 pages

Black = reading 800 pages


Every Tuesday I will be collecting in reading journals to mark off where children are in terms of reading at home and pages read and then children will be able to watch their names go up the challenge ladder the more they are reading at home! When children are reading at home whether it is independently or to an adult it needs to be signed by a parent/carer/grandparent etc. along with what page number they are up to.


Please feel free to pop in and see me if you have any questions.


Miss Bowles


Re-creating the digestive system!

Re-creating the digestive system! 1 We used the ipad app 'curiscope'...
Re-creating the digestive system! 2 to take a closer look...
Re-creating the digestive system! 3 inside our bodies.
Re-creating the digestive system! 4 It was very interesting.
Re-creating the digestive system! 5 We put food in a bag.
Re-creating the digestive system! 6 This represented our stomach.
Re-creating the digestive system! 7 We added orange juice and water.
Re-creating the digestive system! 8 This represented the stomach acid.
Re-creating the digestive system! 9 We mushed it up.
Re-creating the digestive system! 10 Great fun...
Re-creating the digestive system! 11 ...and a tiny bit yucky too!
Re-creating the digestive system! 12 We could see the food being broken down...
Re-creating the digestive system! 13 it is in our stomach.
Re-creating the digestive system! 14 Next came the small intestines.
Re-creating the digestive system! 15 We could see the nutrients being 'absorbed'.
Re-creating the digestive system! 16 It all got rather messy!

Ospreys and Kingfishers learning to compose their own music.

We all had a fantastic day at the National Justice Museum and learnt lots about crimes and punishments of the past! We compared police equipment of the past and present and had a look at prison cells and dungeons. We also put Goldilocks on trial in the courtroom!

Sophie Allen working with the year 4s on what teamwork is, the skills needed for it, where we use teamwork and why it is so important.

Ospreys and Kingfishers on their countries of the world superhero hunt!

Welcome to Ospreys!


I hope you have all had a lovely summer and are all rested and ready for your first term in year 4.


Our topic this term will be 'Heroes and Villains' where we will begin our literacy work based on the story of Supertato and a certain evil pea!

In geography we will be becoming map experts, using our map work skills to solve clues about some well known superheroes before moving onto comparing European countries to Great Britain. We will even have a go at designing and making capes in DT whilst thinking about materials fit for purpose.


This term you will be going swimming with Mr Wells on Tuesdays (starting 12th Sep) so please make sure you have your swimming kit each week.


P.E will be on Thursdays so please make sure your P.E bag is in school ready.





Maths (Set on Wednesday and due in on the following Monday every other week)

Maths homework will be set every other week (alternating with grammar and punctuation) and will be a follow on activity to consolidate and extend from the week's learning. Times tables are also very important for children to be continuing to practise to help them become more fluent in them.


Grammar and Punctuation (Set on Wednesday and due in on the following Monday every other week)

Grammar and punctuation work will be set every other week (alternating with maths) and will be an activity to help children consolidate their learning from literacy lessons. Sometimes the homework may be a consolidation activity from a previous week's learning to help children to recap.


Spellings (Set on Wednesday and tested on the following Monday)

Spellings will be set on Wednesday based on the spelling rule/pattern we have been learning in class that week and will be tested on the following Monday. Occasionally, spellings set may be a list of previously learnt spellings as a way for children to recap these.



Please make sure your child is reading regularly at home and recording their reading in their reading journals.


Please feel free to pop in and see me if you have any questions or concerns.


Miss Bowles 




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